How To Get Your Course & Playing Handicap


The clouds are evaporating, and the sun is beaming through.  It’s a good time to be alive and there is clarity.  I am talking about life and golf coming back soon better than ever.

However, as golfers, we also need such clarity and ease with our system. 😊

That’s where Course Handicap comes in.

First things first, you need to register on the bottom right:

As soon as you fill out the form on the registration page and click submit you will be logged in.

The next time you come to the website just click login on the bottom left.

So now when you are logged in you come to the homepage.

Under ‘Please Select A Country’ click the golf association flag for the courses you are looking for.

Then you will see this screen with the counties:

Then you just click the county with the course/courses you are looking for.  I have clicked on Antrim below.  Then you click the ‘Club/Course Name’ which will give you a scroll down list.

I picked Antrim Golf Club.  Now you go to the table and find the slope rating of the tee box you will be playing:

And below that you enter the slope rating and your WHS or general handicap index in the calculator of your choice (in this example we are using the singles format):

Your course handicap is worked out using the difficulty of the course (also called slope rating).   Your playing handicap is then a percentage of your course handicap (in singles it will nearly always 95%).

Using the example of a 12.2 WHS or general handicap index and a slope rating of 117 below, the calculator will then fire out your course and playing handicaps. And then with your playing handicap you will have your handicap for that day’s event on that course’s tee markers.

Hope this has helped.  Stay tuned for many more articles to come.

And if you haven’t registered on do so right away so you will also automatically enter in our next contest, which is for a fourball at the exclusive and fabulous Doonbeg International (previous sign ups also count for all our launch series of contests in the next month).

Thank you,

Brian Timlin


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