Sand Moor Golf Club (1014674) – Sand Moor

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Club/Course NameTee NameGenderParFront (9)Back (9)Course Rating™Bogey Rating™Slope Rating®
Sand Moor Golf Club (1014674) - Sand MoorBlackM7136.1 / 13035.5 / 14271.696.9136
OrangeM7135.2 / 12634.2 / 13169.493.3129
BlueM7134.0 / 11833.2 / 12467.289.7121
GreenM7133.3 / 12532.8 / 12366.189.1124
Black Composite 9M3636.7 / 140/36.749.7140
Orange Composite 9M3635.5 / 136/35.548.1136
OrangeF7338.5 / 13237.2 / 13975.7107.7136
BlueF7337.0 / 12635.8 / 13172.8103.1129
Green - WomenF7336.0 / 12235.3 / 13171.3101.2127
Blue Composite 9F3736.9 / 131/36.952.3131

This update introduces a new formula for calculating your handicap index. The aim is to provide a fairer assessment of a player’s ability across different courses.

Handicap Calculation:

The formula to calculate your new handicap is as follows:

Handicap Index x (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)

  • Handicap Index: Your current handicap index.
  • Slope Rating: The difficulty rating of the course for a bogey golfer relative to the scratch player.
  • Course Rating: The expected score for a scratch golfer under normal playing conditions.
  • Par: The standard score for the course.

A recent error identified by our user Frank in the handicap calculation tool has been corrected. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Your Course Handicap is calculated using the formula: Handicap Index multiplied by (Slope Rating divided by 113) plus (Course Rating minus Par).

Normally, your Playing Handicap is 95% of your Course Handicap.

Previously, we were rounding your Course Handicap first and then calculating 95% of the rounded value. However, the correct approach is to calculate 95% of your Course Handicap before rounding.

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