Foxhills Country Club and Resort (1006623) – Longcross

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Club/Course NameTee NameGenderParFront (9)Back (9)Course Rating™Bogey Rating™Slope Rating®
Foxhills Country Club and Resort (1006623) - LongcrossBlackM7237.0 / 13936.1 / 13573.198.5137
Blue LXF9 - BHF9M7336.2 / 13836.7 / 14472.999.1141
BlueM7236.2 / 13835.6 / 13171.896.8135
Gold LXF9 - BHF9M7335.7 / 13635.9 / 13671.696.8136
GoldM7235.7 / 13634.8 / 13070.595.2133
Green LXF9 - BHF9M6833.7 / 12134.3 / 1226890.5122
GreenM6833.7 / 12133.3 / 1166789119
Green LXF9-BHF9F7136.7 / 12937.0 / 13073.7104.2130
GreenF7036.7 / 12935.7 / 13172.4103130

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New Golf Handicap System (Effective from 1st April 2024)

This update introduces a new formula for calculating your handicap index. The aim is to provide a fairer assessment of a player's ability across different courses.

Handicap Calculation:

The formula to calculate your new handicap is as follows:

Handicap Index x (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)
  • Handicap Index: Your current handicap index.
  • Slope Rating: The difficulty rating of the course for a bogey golfer relative to the scratch player.
  • Course Rating: The expected score for a scratch golfer under normal playing conditions.
  • Par: The standard score for the course.
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